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Abby Paradise – Paradise Has Cum

Paradise Has Cum

Paradise Has Cum

Ok, bucks, you’re going to like this one. How do we know? Well, coz it is starring Abby Paradise. That babe is one of our kinkiest gals. When we asked her if she masturbates, she said us merely anally. This babe said that babe could not count how many times she’s cum in a row, but if this babe had to guess she would say 12. Now, that is not smth you await to hear with out the face hole of somebody who looks as blameless as she does. Then one time more, u wouldn’t expect her to fit the almost all of a monster dick down her face hole, either. You certainly would not expect to see her slip that schlong into her pussy and semen all over it. And you definitely would not guess she would grab that schlong by the shaft and stick it unfathomable up her chocolate hole. Well, she does all of this and ends with a good, sexy load of jizz in her anal opening. That is Abby, ladies and gentlemen, the anal princess of Tampa and one of our newest and beloved gals.

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