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Abby Needs Servicing

Abby Needs Servicing

Abby Needs Servicing

Abby‘s got a wet cunny and an eager mouth that’s hungry for some cock! Sexy, svelte Abby loves getting visits from her out-of-town boyfriend. She knows he’ll finger her tight, hairless pussy properly. It’s just the thing to get her in the mood to give a nice, long blow job.

Abby’s pussy needs some servicing! “It’s hard when your favorite dick lives so far away. I have to masturbate constantly so I won’t cheat. I love a hard cock deep in my cunny, and when I don’t get it daily, I sometimes stray. My boyfriend doesn’t mind though as long as I still fuck him too.”

How often do you fuck other guys? “It really depends. My boyfriend can only come around a few times a month, so I
have a couple of other guy friends I have on my list for nights when I get too lonely. And once in a while, I’ll just flirt with a guy some place and take him home with me. It’s kind of nice that I get to fuck other guys. Some people say a dick is a dick, but when you’re with someone a while and you get used to the way their cock feels, a stranger’s cock ends up feeling so much more incredible.”

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