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“Hey boyfriend!”

“Hey partner!”

Lives: Stuart, Florida; Occupation: Office assistant; Age: 19; Born: June 30; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 120 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Panties; Anal: Sometime soon; BJs: Drink a bit; Diddle: For sure.

“I talked my hubby into taking these pictures just for fun,” said Vee. “He’ll be urinated when I tell him I sent them in to naughtymag, but it’s smth I actually wanted to do. I hope that seeing me on the web site will acquire him lascivious. I love fucking all ways, but my much loved is doggie position,” said Vee. “I always cum that way, and I sometimes not quite cum once more when I feel my boy shooting his spunk in me. I prefer slow sex to quickies. It’s stylish when we can fuck and rest and do it one time more and afresh all night. I would copulate each evening if I could. Is that bad?”

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Dinner, dancing and an ass-fucking

Dinner, lap dancing and an ass-fucking

Dinner, lap dancing and an ass-fucking

Lap dancing makes hotty’s sexually excited. That’s an undeniable fact. Go to any exotic dancing club (or wedding, for that matter), and we can guarantee that it’s the cuties on the dance floor who are intend to be banging later (and the fellows on the dance floor who are intend to be fucking those angels). So here’s a suggestion for all you males out there: Take a gal lap dancing. Dance even if you’re a shitty dancer. The cutie will appreciate your effort and award you later with a sloppy irrumation and a wide-open wet crack.

She might even give u her anal opening love Shirley Lily does here.

Yes, Shirley, a 52-year-old divorcee, has just enjoyed a night on the town. Dining, drinking, eating. And now, that babe has her date just where this babe desires him: back at her place for some intimate time.

“I’m intend to have my way with you and have you pleasure me,” Shirley says.

“You’re so much sexier than all these youthful girls on the dance floor,” he tells her.

Well, yes! No kidding!

This babe also sucks dong better. And screws better. And gets ass-fucked more priceless. She likewise suggests up her face for her date’s cum ‘cuz that babe isn’t worried about getting her makeup messed up. Those younger angels on the dance floor? They care. But not Shirley.

“I just desire my arse screwed and a large load of cum on my face,” said Shirley, who’s a pleasured Mom and grandmother. A pleasured MILF and GILF.

An ass-fucked Mommy I’D LIKE TO FUCK and GILF, that is. Welcome to the club, Shirley.

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Gettin’ Her Fuck On

Gettin’ Her Fuck On

Gettin' Her Screw On

Everyone, meet Kennedy. She’s an 18-year-old cutie from Minnesota who can’t live out of to ride horses and go swimming. “I think growing up riding horses made me valuable at riding weenies,” this babe told us. Kennedy likewise can’t live out of swallowing cum when that babe gives a orall-service, doggie-style, bigger in size than average dongs and masturbating with just her fingers. In these fotos she tantalizes us with some fantastic cheek-stretching oral pleasure shots before getting down to business and showing us just how good of a rider she is. There are close-up penetration shots of Kennedy’s pink cunt and some worthwhile fotos of her taking a creamy load just the way she can’t live without it–on her tongue!

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“Do you want to cum in my bush?”

“Do you wanna cum in my bush?”

Born: Stockport, United Kingdom; Occupation: Superstore clerk; Age: Twenty two; Born: May 30; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 138 pounds; Bras: 34D; Panties: Sexy lace; Anal: Any time; BJs: Gulp; Diddle: Sometimes.

“I’m always looking to acquire laid, so I keep myself clean and recent down there,” Girl told. “I don’t have a favorite way to bonk. Whatsoever the bloke suggests will be just nice with me. Once my 1st agonorgasmos is without the way, I can let him indeed go to town and even get kinky if he wishes to. I’ll probably cum again if this man can keep his willy underneath control and not spoil things by shooting off too soon. I usually don’t suggest up my bumhole, but if the bloke’s been enjoyable me and that stud makes a move like that chap urges to do me that way, then I’ll definitely let him–and probably cum anew.”

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Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical Education

Welcome back, Molly. Have you learned everything fresh since the school year started?
“Not actually. Although I did learn how to suck jock indeed well over summer break! I had tons of practice, and now I’m a talented. I too learned what a cameltoe is. I guess I’m the last person ever to hear of that, but I swear I didn’t know what it was!”

Do you love cameltoes?
“I think they’re hawt. I love to pull my gym shorts up indeed high to give myself a cameltoe. I love showing off my
bawdy cleft lips.”

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She’s hot for military guys

She’s sexy for military boys

She's hot for military guys

Born: Nashville, Tennessee; Occupation: Sales rep; Age: Fourty five; Born: December 12; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Victoria’s Secret Rio brand; Anal: Sometimes; BJs: Swallow and lick clean; Diddle: Regularly.

“I love young men who are in the military,” told Phoebe. “I like to be on top when I am banging. If we pace ourselves, I can have two or 3 orgasms that way, especially if the lad is engulfing on my nipples. Doggie position feels great, likewise, and on rare occasions–if I’m greatly horny–I’ll tell my lover to go for my anal opening if he urges to. I love to have sex 2 or three times in a session, then I need for the boy to leave so he’s not around in the morning and I do not have to make awkward introductions to my child. I always worry about being heard when I’m ‘in action,’ also.”

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Up-close and personal with Jenna and her incredible, suckable nip

Up-close and personal with Jenna and her astounding, suckable nip

Up-close and personal with Jenna and her excellent, suckable nip

Jenna Covelli, a 50-year-old Mommy of two from California, continues her launch week at by sitting down for an interview.
“I’m horny,” Jenna says. But she says she’d be less nervous if that babe had a weenie in her hand. Either hand. “I’m ambidextrous when it comes to shlong,” she says.
Born in Oakland, California, now living in Palm Springs, California, Jenna has an L.A. face with an Oakland butt, and that’s definitely a precious thing. As for her areolas…well, we can’t name the geographic region they come from, although “Long” Island or “Long” Beach would be appropriate.
“They’re three quarters of an inch long,” Jenna says as this babe pops out those two miracles at the end of her titties. “I measured them myself. People have asked me if I’ve teat implants. I just chortle. I did not think there was such a thing as a areola implant.”

Hey, maybe there’s, maybe there isn’t. Here’s what we do know: Jenna is 5’8″, 130 pounds and measures 36-25-36…the same as she measured 20 years agone…close to what that babe measured 30 years agone. That babe loves exercising, especially Cross-Fit. In fact, after a day of banging in our studio, Jenna headed down to the Cross-Fit down the block for an hour-long workout.
“When you feel sexy, sex is so much more precious,” Jenna says.
This babe loves her body. U will, likewise.

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Early Bird

Early Bird

Early Bird

Hey, Pepper. Does the early bird really get the worm?
“Yup! I have always been an early riser and it is the best. I acquire so much more done. If I sleep in I feel like I missed half the day. Even if I go to sleep late I automatically wake up early. And u know what my beloved thing to do is when I first wake up? Rub one out! Cumming 1st thing in the morning puts me in the paramount mood for the rest of the day. It’s love morning sex, merely just with myself. Although lately I haven’t been pro to masturbate in my dorm coz of my roommate. So I’ve been getting up supplementary early and going to class. It is always empty, so I masturbate in there. It was unusual at 1st but now I adore it.”

So you have not at all fondelled one out during the time that your roomie was around?
“Well, I did one time. It was late at night and this babe was fucking a boy. I pretended like I was asleep, but I was listening to them get it on the entire time. I got excited, so I fingered myself during the time that listening to her moan and stuff. I pretended like my finger was a cock and I creamed all over my hand.”

How come you only did it that once?
“It was kind of weird. I mean, it was hawt, but still. I felt a little creepy, love I was spying on them even though they were rogering right next to me. I’d just rather have privacy if I’m intend to masturbate. And her and I aren’t super close, so I felt awkward about it.”

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Loves shoes, cooking, antiques and creampies

Loves shoes, cooking, antiques and creampies

Loves shoes, cooking, antiques and creampies

Hard-bodied, pointy-titted Dakota Riley is back for more, and this time, it’s a creampie for the 41-year-old wife and pharmacy technician from Ohio. Dakota told us she loves when a boy cums in her muff ‘coz “that’s how me and my hubby usually do it so it just feels natural.”
Dakota has a great body with tons of curves and DD-cup meatballs that look like they could push your eyes out. She’s 5’4″ and weighs about around 120 lbs., so this babe actually has the look of a trophy wife. And she’s, in many ways.

“I like shoes!” Dakota said. We’re assuming this babe means fuck-me pumps. “I love cooking and antiques. I like when my husband surprises me.”

With his cock?

“That’s worthy, too!” she told.

Dakota says the worst thing a smooth operator can say to a female is, “Your booty looks massive.” That actually can be taken as a compliment in some parts of the world, but we can assure Dakota that her wazoo definitely does not look giant. That knob in her cookie, though? That looks humongous!

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