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Christina’s first fuck video

Christina’s 1st copulate video

Christina's first shag video

They call the Sixty’s and Seventys “The Golden Years.” Christina Starr, a 71-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother, is a prime example of why they’re golden.

“I’m still as erotic as I ever have been. I like to be touched everywhere,” told Christina, who was born in New Orleans and lives in Dallas, Texas. “I love to have a man’s hands on my body all the time. I am insatiable when it comes to that. I have very sensitive nipples and, certainly, my pussy. I adore to have my like button massaged, and I like penetration. I also like fingers. I love to be finger-fucked.

“I’m a swinger, but solely for the final three years at clothing-optional resorts. My wildest experience? I was sitting by the hawt tub and a skirt chaser came over and fingered me. I squirted, then 2 more lads lined up and fingered me until I squirted. At a swinger married couples resort in Orlando, I drilled three boys back-to-back.”

She’s likewise a nudist. And that babe masturbates several times a week. And that babe is into young hot bucks, love Brick, the 30-year-old who screws her in her 1st hardcore movie scene ever. Brick screws her face hole, and Christina takes his bigger than run of the mill jock love a competent. That babe sucks his nuts. Then receives her bushy bawdy cleft fucked, and when Brick cums on her face, Christina does not duck.

Babes like Christina are stiff to detect, but when we identify ’em, it is like finding gold.

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A new 70Plus MILF…Christina Starr!

A new 70Plus M.I.L.F….Christina Starr!

A recent 70Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE...Christina Starr!

The arrival of a fresh 70Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE is always a big event here at We don’t get plenty of ’em, and when we do, it’s cause for celebration. So let us celebrate, in the foremost way we know, the arrival of Christina Starr. She is a 71-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother who was born in Fresh Orleans and now lives in Dallas, Texas.

“My spouse has read your magazines for years,” Christina said us. “He thought I would be consummate for u.”

And this babe is. A fresh 70Plus HORNY HOUSEWIVES deserves her own week, so call this Christina Starr Week at Today, solo pics. The next day, a solo clip, then the highlight, her 1st fuck fotos and episodes (with a skirt chaser who’s juvenile sufficient to be her grandson) Wednesday and Thursday.

“I’m still as sexual as I ever have been,” Christina said. “I like to be touched everywhere. I love to have a man’s hands on my body all the time. I am insatiable when it comes to that. I have very sensitive areolas and, of course, my love tunnel. I like to have my clit massaged, and I adore penetration. I likewise adore fingers. I like to be finger-fucked.”

In these pictures, Christina bonks herself with her fingers and a pink toy. Enjoy. This babe did.

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The MILF and the kid

The SEXY HOUSEWIFE and the kid

The HORNY HOUSEWIFE and the kid

“I had a profile on a swing site, and someone contacted me saying they were looking for chicks over 50 to adult model, and I thought it was just some chap looking for women,” 52-year-old divorcee and Mom Constance Fun said when we asked her how that babe came to “But I amused myself and sent him information, and that chap had somebody else contact me through email, and then I got an suggest from you.”

Certainly this babe did. We’re not in the business of turning down sexy, mature vixens love Constance. We’re in the business of attracting ’em and bringing them to Miami to copulate hung, youthful bucks love the Lothario she’s with here. He’s Twenty three.

When this scene opens, the gent has arrived to work on Constance’s house. This babe walks outdoors in her swimsuit. This chab doesn’t notice her, so this babe takes off her top. That gets his attention.

“Come on in,” she says.

“Do you want to put a top on?” this lady-killer asks very nervously.

“No,” that babe says. “I’m a nudist. Come on in and see me.”

This lady-killer is reluctant.

“You’re topless and your spouse can come home.”

“Don’t worry, angel,” that babe says. “I’m divorced.”

That babe invites him to put some lotion on her. Previous to lengthy, she is inviting his cock into her throat and twat, and lastly, this chab shoots his load on her belly, Constance’s favorite place to have a lad cum, and this babe rubs it in.

Ever notice how not a lot of housework acquires done when our ladies are around?

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Constance, 52, fucks a 23-year-old

Constance, Fifty two, shags a 23-year-old

Constance, 52, copulates a 23-year-old

We asked Constance Enjoyment, a 52-year-old divorcee and Mom, how that babe felt about having sex on-camera for the 1st time (this is her second scene; her 1st was likewise at, and here’s what that babe said.

“My saying always was that I was not much into watching porn but I enjoyed making it, so here I am, savouring making it and with a great company. Had I ever thought of it? Yes, but I thought I was too aged for it. Anything I’ve viewed, everyone was so juvenile and alluring with hawt bodies and usually with augmented bumpers. And you hit a certain age and gravity starts to work against you. U do not realize the sexuality u have until u must that age and you realize it is about more than what the body has the appearance of.”

Well, Constance’s body looks precious to us. More than priceless. She’s buxom and has sexy tan lines. Here, that babe is sunbathing topless when she receives the attention of Ricky, the 23-year-old who’s been working on her house. This babe calls him over, and away they go!

Constance acquires what she desires.

“I crave a precious, rock hard screw. I like being paid attention to. I do not at any time crave to feel like they’re with out the room when they’re still with me. My much loved position is doggy position with my hair pulled. Just the back of the nape. Not too hard, not too velvety, just in the right spot. I’ve a specific spot on the back of my neck. I truly have a tattoo next to the spot. It’s not quite love an external adore button, and just from the right touch and stimulation, I can actually cum with out any penetration.”

This babe definitely receives what she desires when Ricky cums on her stomach.

“I like to watch the cum on me when they cum on my stomach,” this babe told. “I just adore it! I adore cum! I adore caressing it on me and ram. I’d rather have it on me than in me.”

And what happens after Ricky cums on her belly? Constance eats it.

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Karma Rx

Karma Rx Karma Rx
Karma Rx @
You purchased a cuckold session, and Karma Rx is your Cuckoldress. This means she’s plan to talk to you…and only you. In this session, once you’ve paid up, Karma will initiate in with some "SPH" — miniature wang humiliation. This is one of the reasons you are a cuck and not screwing Karma. You know she’ll not at any time feel your wang, so why try? Even if Karma allowed you to drill her, your history with premature cumshot will certainly come back to rear its unsightly head. Cause…let’s face it: you’re a 2-pump chump. Oh, Karma will drain your wallet, likewise. This includes your credit card, which Karma will take…along with your PIN number. After your session, she’s intend to treat herself to a shopping spree, and u know she’s plan to bring her two friends, Jason and Rob. Speaking of them, they’re "real men" (Karma’s words), and you know it’s true. Both Jason and Rob have big rods that stay stiff and can copulate as lengthy as it takes for Karma to cum. Which doesn’t take lengthy, due to the size of their schlongs! Oh…they’ll give her multiple orgasms, also. Which leaves the larger than standard O for the one and the other men: they’ll double-load Karma’s snatch with so much cream, it’ll ooze out for hours. Unless you clean it up, which Karma will force u to do! Clean up time, cuckboi!!!
Karma Rx Karma Rx

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Meet Mia Magnusson. Jack to Mia Magnusson.

Meet Mia Magnusson. Jack to Mia Magnusson.

Meet Mia Magnusson. Jack to Mia Magnusson.

We asked Mia Magnusson, a 61-year-old divorcee, Mom and grandmother from Australia, if the people she knows would be surprised to watch her here, and this babe told, “Some, yes, but I have always been unpredictable, so…”

And so, Mia, who’s been a talented dancer all her life–mostly Polynesian and belly exotic dancing but go-go and dancing, too–makes her launch by telling us about herself and showing off her fetching body.

“A friend suggested I write to you, and I did,” said Mia, who has always been open to recent things. Doing this is one of those new things. Banging on-camera for the 1st time, which she’ll do in the coming days, is another of those recent things.

“I do not demure away from cameras and spotlights, whether it’s with sex or not,” this babe said. “When you are younger, being awkward and bashful, you’re a lot more inhibited and demure, and, at least vixens, you attach a great romantic expectation with out sex, so you’re always riding that high and low of broken hearts. When you get maturer, you can have enjoyment it for what it is. Freer and more pleasure.”

Mia is free. And this babe is plenty of pleasure.

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60Plus MILF’s first time

60Plus MILF’s first time

60Plus MILF's first time

And now, it is time for Mia Magnusson, our newest 60Plus MILF, to bonk on-camera for the 1st time.

The lad she’s screwing is 26 years mature, which means he’s easily juvenile enough to be her son and nearly young enough to be her grandson.

“Women today are accomplished to maintain a younger lifestyle for a lot longer, and suddenly, younger chaps like older hotty’s,” Mia told. “That works for me. I am sure there is always been people love that, but I guess it is a new phenomenon.”

Well, not that new. has been around for a during the time that, and previous to that, had its share of 60somethings.

“I am a total exhibitionist,” told Mia, who was born in Australia, now lives in Las Vegas and prefers the word MILF to cougar ‘cuz “cougar sounds predatory.”

Well, that depends. Plenty of us like to be preyed on by impressive, sexy, older sweethearts love Mia.

“When you’re younger, being awkward and demure, you are a lot more inhibited and shy, and, at least sweethearts, you attach a great romantic expectation out of sex when you’re younger, so you are always riding that high and low of broken hearts, and when u get old, u can savour it for what it’s. Freer and more pleasure.”

Mia is very free in this scene, and that babe is obviously having a lot of joy. So is the lad, who cums all over her face.

By the way, Mia is a divorcee, a Mamma and a grandmother, so that babe ticks off all the boxes. And now she is getting her box gang fucked on-camera!

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Mia Magnusson’s hands-on sex lesson

Mia Magnusson’s hands-on sex lesson

Mia Magnusson's hands-on sex lesson

“I’m plan to educate u to make a lady feel priceless,” 61-year-old divorcee, Mother and grandmother Mia Magnusson says at the commence of her first copulate clip. “To make her sexy and succulent and ready for u. You’re not dealing with any little hotty here. You are dealing with a grown-up lady, and I’m plan to teach u how to make like to a grown-up domina.”

She takes out her hooters and rubs her nipples.

“You cant hurry making love to a lady,” she says. “You acquire to cosset a woman’s hooters, not pussy and pull ’em,” that babe says, and we get priceless closeups of exactly what this babe means. “We’re not playing grabsy in the back seat of a car.

“So, do you wish some of this?”

Damn right we do, and so does the 26-year-old dude who’s contemplating for her. Mia sits down and strokes her stud’s legs, and before lengthy, she’s stroking a lot more than that.

“I wanna feel your larger than average, subrigid ramrod. I am plan to give u a oral job that is gonna make your toes curl, then you are going to put your rock hard shlong into my worthwhile, moist cunt.”

That stud does that. And when this chab cant hold back any longer that charmer cums all over Mia’s face.

Listen up, gentlemen. Today, not solely are you plan to jack off to a hot maturer mistresse; you’re gonna learn smth, too.

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She’s our newest 60Plus MILF

This babe is our newest 60Plus Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK

She's our newest 60Plus MILF

And now it is time to meet our newest 60Plus HORNY HOUSEWIFE. That babe is Mia Magnusson, a tall, blond, attractive, 61-year-old divorcee, Mother and grandmother from Australia who lives in Las Vegas.

“I used to fib about my age to make myself look older and then I lied about my age to make myself look younger and now I’m really telling the truth about my age,” Mia told. “Women this day are skillful to maintain a younger lifestyle for a lot longer, and suddenly, younger boy love mature chicks. That works for me. I’m sure there’s always been people love that, but I suppose it is a new phenomenon.”

Well, it’s not recent for us, but we acquire Mia’s drift. The thing is, Mia has always been comfortable showing off her body and performing for people, on-camera or off.

“I was a Polynesian dancer in Australia, in a floor flaunt, and then I moved to Hawaii and learned fresh dances. I’ve been stripping since I was a little hotty. Ballet, jazz, and I ended up doing Polynesian and stomach stripping professionally. Go-go exotic dancing and lap dancing. I still do that occasionally.”

Mia enjoys painting, fashion design, singing and swimming. This babe desires to go swimming with sharks.

“I’ve swam with dolphins and seals,” she told. “I’m marvelous adventurous.”

Obviously. She is here. And we’re cheerful she’s.

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