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Raquel Ritz – The gangbang queen of Pennsylvania

The group action queen of Pennsylvania

The bang queen of Pennsylvania

Raquel Ritz is a 40-year-old wife, Mother and group sex lover who’d not at all rogered professionally on-camera until that babe visited our studio. Raquel likes crafting. Her favourite teams are the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL and the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball. They’d probably love to gang-bang her.

40SOMETHING: We receive plenty of glamour models who say when they turned 40, it was adore someone flipped a switch on their raunchy appetite and they went wild.
RAQUEL: I’d say my appetite increased in my mid-30s. I guess there is just a switch in your hormones that raises when u hit that mid-30 mark, at least for me.
40SOMETHING: Since you’ve turned 40 have u had sex with any 18-year-olds?
RAQUEL: Not 18, but the youngest I have had is Twenty one. It was about two years ago. It was fine. It was a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of thing. I’ve an open marriage so I set up gangbangs for myself. And that is how it happened. That skirt chaser was part of a four-man group.
40SOMETHING: Are four bucks considered a gang?
RAQUEL: Well, I call it a gang. I can take 3 at once, so if it is more than 3, it is a gang to me.
40SOMETHING: So with 3, you take them in the face hole, fur pie and gazoo?
40SOMETHING: And what about when there is a fourth guy?
RAQUEL: Well, I’ve a hand, so I can take five at one time, actually. I’ve 2 hands, a throat and 2 holes.
40SOMETHING: So whilst your partner is away, you arrange gangbangs.
RAQUEL: Well, I call myself insatiable. I can take a lot, and it takes a lot to handle me, too.
40SOMETHING: If someone would have told to u on your wedding night that u and your boyfriend would be swingers’ one day, you would’ve said…
RAQUEL: You are nutty.
40SOMETHING: How come?
RAQUEL: Cuz of the background I grew up with and the area we grew up in. It was just not smth that I thought about. Very conservative along with the rest of middle town USA.
40SOMETHING: What are the steps in setting up a gangbang?
RAQUEL: U use all the sites you can discover, courting sites that have sections for no-strings-attached sex. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I’ve a not many guys I invite back each time. So I might only need 3 or four extra boyz. I always invite double of what I desire. Lads back out at the final minute. U would not think it, but they do. But there are usually enough lads. I have done seven!

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Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades Lana Rhoades
Lana Rhoades @
In advance of her anticipated arrival to Porn Valley, Lana Rhoades had not ever been fucked by a dark chap. That babe said us that. This babe likewise told us that babe was very concerned for that experience, so this babe said her agent she’d just now start doing interracial sex scenes. With just a slight in number under her thong, her preference is now obvious: from Lana’s choice to calling Prince her "daddy" to the expressions on her face as her pussy is being stretched by the BBC to places she’s not at all felt previous to. In the end, it’s a large gulp for dunky Lana Rhoades, who some are betting will be The Next Bigger than average Thing.
Lana Rhoades Lana Rhoades
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Taylor – Valentine’s Day Surprise

Valentine’s Day Surprise

Valentine's Day Surprise

“I could not afford to buy my spouse anything much for Valentine’s Day, so that chap gotta take these pics, instead,” told Taylor. “He downloaded ’em onto his iPhone so that dude can enjoy them when this guy goes away on business. Then I got the idea of sending ’em to a magazine, and after some asking around, one of my friends said me about NN. This chab doesn’t know I sent ’em in but it will not a predicament him: I wager he’s showed lads the pix on his iPhone.”

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Delia Dukes – My, my, my Deliah!

My, my, my Deliah!

My, my, my Deliah!

“I’ve always been a conservative, behind-the-doors person,” told Deliah Dukes, who makes her launch by engulfing and banging porn 10-Pounder behind our studio doors. Hey, that counts, doesn’t it?

Deliah (it is pronounced Delilah; the second “L” is mysteriously missing) isn’t a swinger. That babe isn’t a nudist. She’s by no means been a gogo dancer. At no time even thought about it. She is 41 years old, and until recently, doing porn was the furthest thing from her mind. That babe did not even observe porn. She worked her day job in telecommunications. She was a wife and Mom of two. The most-fun job she’d ever had was “being a Mom.”

And now she’s here. How did that babe end up here? Watch her interview on Wednesday, but let us just say that here’s another sample of magical things happening to a lady when that babe turns 40.

Deliah was born in Recent Jersey, moved to Florida, lived there for a lengthy time and is now back in Jersey. That babe is not a Jersey Shore type of Jersey gal. She’s more adore a Bruce Springsteen Jersey girl. That babe enjoys romantic dinners. She doesn’t costume to show off her body.

But doing this has already changed her.

“I used to expect, but now I commence sex,” Deliah said. “Thank u, porn life!”

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Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks Sarah Banks
Sarah Banks @
Sarah Banks is a physician’s assistant that, from time to time, oversteps her job description. You know the aged saying — when the cat’s away, the mice will play — which perfectly describes Sarah this day. That babe is insanely turned on by white dudes, so why not give one of her prefered patients his hernia and prostate check? Speaking of white dudes, Kurt Lockwood is a known freak, so that Lothario is down. Whether Sarah has a finger or a tongue up his a-hole, Kurt doesn’t mind. On the flipside, when Kurt’s got his large white meat-thermometer buried unfathomable in Sarah’s booty, she doesn’t mind either. In fact, they both adore it. From taboo ribald talk to Sarah on her knees begging to "cum on my braces", this scene is smokin’ hot.
Sarah Banks Sarah Banks
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Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore Melissa Moore
Melissa Moore @
Melissa Moore is engaged to be married, and in addition to arranging for both her engagement and wedding photos, Melissa is plan to surprise her charmer with some boudoir pics! That babe is so excited to pick some hawt underware to expose off, and she’s not just showing off for her future partner…she’s showing off for her hawt photographer! His name is Isiah, and Melissa’s a little worried about the monogamy that comes with marriage. She’s adore one "last hurrah", so she’s going to put the moves on and suck and fuck behind her man’s back. After it is all told and done though, will this actually be a last hurrah?
Melissa Moore Melissa Moore

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Cammille Austin – Cammille chained

Cammille manacled

Cammille chained

Cammille Austin is a 58-year-old wife, Mom and grandmother, so what’s she doing at with petite chains attached to her pierced nipps and pierced love tunnel?

Hey, what’s this babe doing at getting banged by large dark dicks and ass-fucked by lads young sufficient to be her sons?

Well, this babe is appreciating herself, for one. And although this is a solo scene, it’s glamorous damn hot. Cammille tugs on the chains and her nipps acquire rock hard. She tugs on the chains and her clitoris receives larger. She fingers her pink twat really deep, getting numerous fingers inside.

No surprise. This is a female who had a gang bang on her wedding night. Her second wedding night, that is. And after that babe was done getting gangbanged, that babe let her husband have very sloppy seconds.

There is a very worthwhile chance that as you’re watching this, Cammille is back home in Arkansas watching it with her spouse and sucking his knob.

Unless, of course, this babe is having some other gang bang.

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Brooklyn Pursue & Lisa Tiffian

Brooklyn Look for & Lisa Tiffian Brooklyn Search & Lisa Tiffian
Brooklyn Pursue & Lisa Tiffian @
In addition to being "besties", Brooklyn Search and Lisa Tiffian are next-door neighbors. They’ve been friends for years, and in times of trouble, they have every other’s back. Which is why Brooklyn is sat in Lisa’s kitchen — sad and lonely. Brooklyn’s husband is out on one more business travel, and even when this chab is home, they’re not happy. Sex is horrible. Brooklyn’s married to a "small" fellow. After hearing her out, Lisa comes to a completion she is going to change Brooklyn’s day. What starts as a little back rub and a kiss quickly escalates to some hawt lesbo action. And await until Lisa’s husband swings by to really cheer Brooklyn up! His colossal 13-inch shlong is so thick Brooklyn can not wrap her hands around it! Expect til you see him destroy the one and the other those worked-up, slutty ladies!!
Brooklyn Chase & Lisa Tiffian Brooklyn Follow & Lisa Tiffian
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Alexa Benson – Missy and Alexa Take on a Cock

Missy and Alexa Take on a Ding-dong

Missy and Alexa Take on a Cock

Do u like fucking girls or boyz more marvelous, Missy?

“I love guys better for, like, all the time. But for each once in a whilst, I like cuties. They kiss more fantastic and eat love tunnel more amazing. Cuties make me cum harder.”

Do you adore anal?

“I’ll try anything one time if it feels priceless. I love it when boyz lick my booty, so a rock hard cock in there sounds hot!”

Was this the 1st trio you’ve ever done, Alexa?

“I’d not ever even been with a babe previous to. Kissing Missy and her hands all over my body was screwing hot! I loved it. And I got into it, also. I ate Missy out and was finger-fucking her so inflexible that this babe came on my tongue. It tasted just like my fingers do when I lick them after I finger myself. I just kept touching with tongue all her hotty jism up.”

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